Spring Update Letter to Families

Spring Update Letter to Families
Posted on 05/03/2021
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                                                                                  Pioneer School District 

Dear Pioneer Families,

As we prepare for the last six weeks of school, I am providing our families with an update on district information and a link to a survey to collect information from each family for each child registered in the district.

Student Success Conferences

All families should be attending a Student Success conference next week.  At the conference, teachers will be providing detailed information about your child’s progress including assessment data on their specific skill growth and areas of concern. This assessment data will be taking the place of state assessments during this school year. Students will not be coming onsite next week, but all students will have 2 ½ hours of daily live instruction in addition to their conference time with teachers.

Student Schedules and 3-foot Social Distancing

Although the student social distancing requirements have changed to 3-feet in the classroom, they remain at a 6-feet requirement for all other building areas and staff are still required to maintain a 6-foot social distance from students and throughout the building including in classrooms.  These requirements along with the cohort requirements and the physical capacity of our classrooms and buses, make it impossible to expand our in-person learning before the end of the school year. As shared in our Spring Newsletter, our district is having significantly higher student success rates than our neighboring districts who are adding more time to their schedules and our Jump Start summer recovery plan and intervention requirements for next year should strengthen learning for our students who are struggling.

Learning Recovery through Summer Jump Start and Intervention Next Year

Every district in our state is required to provide a summer program and after school learning support next year for learning recovery and enrichment.  Our summer Jump Start program will take place over 9 days in August and will focus on strengthening English, math, and science skills to prepare for the new school year along with hands-on enrichment activities that will benefit every student.  More information on this program will be provided at the Student Success Conferences next week.  During the new school year, after school learning support and enrichment opportunities will be provided to students. Details about these plans will be provided to families when they are finalized.

2021-2022 School Year

Although specific details have not yet been provided to school districts, the current message from OSPI is that schools will have a regular five-day, full-day schedule next year.  It is not clear from the health department whether social distancing or masking requirements will be in place.  If the district continues to have 3 or 6-foot social distancing requirements, we will be looking at how to increase use of building spaces through modification of interior or exterior spaces or adding additional classroom spaces to maintain safe social distancing requirements.  The district goal is to ensure that we begin the school year with all students back onsite in full days.

Pioneer Academy

School districts will not be required to have a remote learning option in the 2021-22 school year, but our district will continue to have Pioneer Academy as an alternative learning options for families who prefer a remote learning opportunity.  It will look different next year in that it will require onsite attendance for a two-hour block of time at least one-day per week and will be a completely separate school and instructional program from our regular school program.  More information will be provided to parents about this option when details are finalized and approved by OSPI.

Family Survey

A link to a family survey is being provided below and will be available for completion at the Student Success Conference next week.  The purpose of the survey is to get feedback on specific required areas and to provide the district with information for improvement and preparation for the next school year.

Please complete the survey at the link below for each child you have registered in our school district.


Our district is grateful for the support from our families in what has been a very challenging year.  We appreciate the hard work of our teachers and staff that has directly contributed to the success of the majority of our students and we look forward to developing meaningful learning recovery models that will meet the needs of all students in our district this summer and in the next school year.




Jill Diehl, Superintendent
Pioneer School District