Technology Support For Distance Learning

This page will be a resource for students and parents needing technical assistance for Schoology, school-issued Chromebooks, hotspots, and other devices or applications during the COVID-19 pandemic school closure.  If you are in need of assistance please email

Chromebook Technical Tips:

 > When in doubt - Restart (please use the Refresh key (bent arrow on the top row of keys) and the power button. Closing the lid and reopening it or just holding the power button does not refresh the device.  
 > Screen Orientation reset - ctrl + shift + 0 (zero)
 > Change the language - Click clock icon area ---> go to the keyboard button and click the drop-down arrow next to it---> select the keyboard you want 
> How to check for Chrome OS Updates 
> Google's Chromebook Support page - please be advised that your child's device is managed by the district so some of these tools/options may not be available. 
> If you need a password reset, please email the helpdesk and your student's teacher. 
>  How do you connect a Chromebook to wifi?
> Chromebooks have a built-in screen reader. To activate ChromeVox press Ctrl+Alt+z.  Do the same to turn it off. 
Whenever any app hangs and stopped responding, use the shortcut Search (little magnifying glass) + Esc to open task manager and end the process through the task manager. It’s just like pressing Control + Alt + Delete in Windows.
> Chrome OS has an option to access the dual-screen mode with a simple shortcut. Using Alt + [ on any app makes the app align to the left side of the screen and we can use Alt + ] for another app to align to the right side. And we can also toggle between them seamlessly with Alt + Tab shortcut.
> Y
ou can take a screenshot just by pressing the Control + Overview button which has an icon of a rectangle with 2 lines and in the place of F5. But there is also an option to take a partial screenshot of just a certain portion of the screen. Just press Control + Shift + Overview button, the screen will turn a bit darker, just select the part of the screen you want to take a screenshot and get a screenshot of just the portion you want.

>  Occasionally, links provided by teachers and other resources are stored in your browsing history for easier and quicker access.  Unfortunately, these links can become corrupted from time to time.  You will need to clear your browsing data in order to re-establish a viable link.  
1. Open the Chrome browser
2. Click on the 3 dots next to your profile picture
3. Click on Settings
4. Scroll down to Privacy and Security 
5. Click on Clear Browsing Data
6. Student history data is saved by the school district and should be grayed out. Site cookies and other site data, as              well as cached images and files, can be cleared. 
7. The pull-down menu for time range is best left to All time
8. If the basic cache clear doesn't do the trick, use the Advanced tab and clear Site Settings in addition to the default                boxes checked. 
9. Do not clear passwords and other sign-in data unless that is the issue you are having. 

Zoom and Meet Tips and Tricks:
1. Zoom and Meet are both resource intensive applications. Therefore, it is best if students have as few other tabs open as possible when attending synchronous sessions with teachers.  
2. Students should avoid Gallery Mode (student can see all the other students and teacher) this can overtax the Chromebook processor and cause glitching.  
3. Avoid streaming content while in a Zoom meeting (Netflix, Twitch, Youtube, etc.)
4. Try to stay as close to the wifi router or access point as possible to avoid loss of connection. 5. This video shows some great tricks for fixing Zoom audio problems
We've recently had several reports of students (and even some faculty) clicking on zoom links to go to their 2nd or 3rd meeting or class of the day, and regardless of what link they click on, they end up trying to connect to the zoom they just left.

It looks like this is happening when the previous Zoom session doesn't close down properly, or gets hung in the background.
The solution we've found for this issue is:
  • 2-finger click or hold down the ALT key and click the zoom icon on the dock at the bottom of the Chromebook screen, and choose Close. 
  • Be patient. it often takes a minute to close completely. 
  • When the little dot under the Zoom icon goes away, it means that Zoom has finally quit.
  • Click on the link to join your next class or meeting, and you should be back in business.